TUBS experiments 2018

Integrated ATC-Flight Deck Simulations were completed at TUBS with the participation of researchers from Germany, Turkey and Croatia. Each of 10 trainees from ZFOT and ESTU performed a single selected exercise. The large amount of data was collected regarding ATC and pilot performance. Trainees shared about their ATC training views at their higher education organizations and experiences they received during ATC radar approach simulations of ATCOSIMA.

Views of Trainees:

ATCOSIMA affected to me in many ways that I expected. First, it was the first research project that I attended and I had no idea the project like this needed too much effort. I realize that to get good solution hard working and team work are very important. We were a huge team with 3 different countries with different mother tongue but we concentrate on same target and get success. From the beginning to the end it was an amazing experience for me.

We worked with Croatian and German teams. We have just one Air Traffic Control department as academically in Turkey, I had no idea about the ATC education in Europe so I had a chance to learn about their education and to compare with ours. I thought we came from totally different countries, cultures and education systems I realized we basically need the same technical requirements to do our job. Also, it showed me the ATC training is based on the same fundamentals both Turkey and Europe.

If I look the social effects on this project, I have been Germany that I always wondered. I met different and valuable people. We got a chance during our Germany visit for exploring the city, visiting museums, spending time with the people in the project.

The opportunities that the project provided us were very satisfying. Shortly I feel so lucky that I could attend to this project. It was didactic, fun and unforgettable experience for me.

Julide Şen

Attending to this project has been a valuable experience for me. It was a versatile project.

It was educational. I found opportunity to be part of multicultural teamwork. We’ve experienced both tough and fun times during the project and I learned how to cope with them. I learnt how is the ATC education in a different country. Also we talked pros and cons about ATC education system in our countries.

On the other hand, the project has had countless social and cultural aspects. I found chance to explore Germany. It was unforgettable for me to visit landmarks of Germany and biking through it’s wonderful streets. I spent great time in Germany’s well reserved nature. I am so happy I experienced daily life in Germany. I made good friends, I met with valuable people.

I’d like to thank my professors, because they gave me a chance to be a part of this important project. It was an honour for me to contribute to it.

Utay Erem Metin